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About Us

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David Reed, co-owner of Deep Water Canvas, is a multifaceted professional with a proven track record as a Research and Development Engineer and a newfound role as the proud owner of a thriving marine canvas business.

In his capacity as a Research and Development Engineer, David has distinguished himself through groundbreaking process improvements, directly contributing to enhanced gross profit margins. His innovative approach and data-driven mindset have consistently driven operational excellence within the manufacturing sector.

Drawing from his passion for sailing and extensive knowledge of the needs of boat owners, his firsthand experience as an avid sailor uniquely qualifies him to understand the intricacies of marine canvas requirements, offering tailored solutions for boat owners seeking quality, durability, and beauty.

Beyond the technical realm, David's love for sailing has fueled his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to customer satisfaction have quickly established Deep Water Canvas as a trusted name in the market.

David's dual roles underscore his versatility and ability to excel in both the engineering and business domains. His combined expertise as a Research and Development Engineer and owner of Deep Water Canvas reflects a holistic understanding of industry needs, driving innovation and customer-centric solutions.

In addition to his professional pursuits, David remains an avid sailor, navigating the seas with passion and firsthand knowledge. His journey exemplifies a seamless blend of technical expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and a genuine passion for the sea. His commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction remains unwavering.

Lisa Stuart-Reed, co-owner of Deep Water Canvas, is a seasoned Chief Operating Officer (COO) with a strong track record in manufacturing leadership. With over two decades of experience, she has successfully directed all aspects of manufacturing operations, from P&L management and process improvement to quality assurance and product development. Her strategic prowess is evident in her ability to develop and execute plans based on Lean methodologies and continuous improvement processes, consistently driving performance, efficiency, profitability, and growth.


As a COO, Lisa excels in team leadership and accountability. She has a proven ability to build high-performing teams that meet and exceed robust Key Performance Indicator (KPI) goals. Her strategic vision, coupled with her business acumen, positions her as a highly effective executive capable of driving growth and operational excellence, even in dynamic and high-stress environments.


Lisa's unique blend of skills extends beyond operations. With a background in accounting and finance, she brings precision and accuracy to financial reporting, auditing, and compliance with internal controls and regulations. Her keen problem-solving abilities allow her to identify root causes and implement innovative solutions, enhancing productivity and cost savings.


Throughout her career, Lisa has established processes and programs that improve efficiency, generate significant cost savings, and enhance customer relations. Her comprehensive knowledge of general management, sales, inventory management, and human resources gives her a holistic perspective crucial for driving business success.


Dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical standards and professional excellence, Lisa Stuart-Reed is a dynamic leader who combines her operational expertise with financial acumen to create lasting impact. 

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